Brave Now Lets Twitch Streamer Earn Crypto Currencies

Twitch Streamer Crypto Currencies | The Brave Browser is now launching a new Million Dollar Reward Program to reward Twitch Streamers and encourage their followers to use the browser. On March 1, Brave announced the launch of a new program to reward Twitch streamers. As part of its commitment to Twitch, Brave has provided an additional $1 million for its YouTuber referral program.

Brave offers space for Ethereum code: Can Twitch Streamer earn crypto currencies?

Brave is a fast and private browser that also includes Ethereum code, an integrated way to support content creators like this: The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is integrated into the browser, allowing viewers to support their popular YouTube video artists and now twitch streamers.

Three months after the release of YouTuber’s ability to generate revenue via Brave, there are now over 7500 verified YouTube channels – with a total of nearly 150 million subscribers. Brave has seen significant growth in the number of new users and developers following recent announcements.

After the remarkable launch, Brave decided to extend the program to other video artists. Now Brave is adding $1 million to this referral program with the support of

The company predicts that the ease of use of Brave Payments will also appeal to thousands of Twitch streamers. The Brave browser lists the Twitch channels displayed in the payment list, so fans can donate tokens every month. Twitch streamers simply register as Brave Publishers to receive BAT contributions from Brave users. Players of popular games like Fortnite can now use Brave to earn money for their streams.

Twitch streamers can register their channel using Brave’s multi-property support. The API from Brave is used to authenticate Twitch channels after the streamer’s email has been confirmed. Streamers can then open an account with Uphold after the verification process and receive BAT contributions every 30 days.

How can Twitch Streamer earn crypto currencies?

“1st Referral Program: Brave will refer BAT to advertisers who encourage their fans to use the Brave browser. The creators will receive BAT worth approximately $5 for every active user they deliver to Brave who uses the browser for 30 days.

2. donations: Users surfing with the latest Brave desktop version can activate the integrated Brave Payments system to automatically and anonymously donate BAT for their favorite switch streamers in two ways: (a) You can set a certain amount of BAT per month and donate to certain twitch channels; and / or (b) you can set a monthly budget to be distributed to twitch channels selected based on number and viewtime. ”