Twitch Streamer Crypto Currencies | The Brave Browser is now launching a new Million Dollar Reward Program to reward Twitch Streamers and encourage their followers to use the browser. On March 1, Brave announced the launch of a new program to reward Twitch streamers. As part of its commitment to Twitch, Brave has provided an […]

Crypto currencies volatile Why are crypto currencies volatile? Last year was the least volatile year in stock market history, and has been for decades. Traders who have benefited from price fluctuations in the past have given up their jobs on high-frequency trading algorithms performed by computers working in the millisecond range. On Wall Street, people […]

hardware wallet A Hardware Wallet is a device you have to buy. These devices are considered to be the safest wallet if ethers are to be used actively. Even malware on your PC cannot harm your Ether. Initially, the Hardware Wallet creates a seed of 12 to 24 words, which then creates your receiving addresses. […]

A wallet is software or hardware that manages all Ethereum addresses and the associated private keys. With an Ethereum Wallet, ethers can be held, received and transferred. An Ethereum Wallet is thus a kind of bridge, an interface that manages its own public keys and private keys. Public Keys and Private Keys What is a […]